Welcome to Charity Matterz.

Kristin Epperson

CEO/Non-Profit Strategist

I am so happy you have joined me today.

I see a world full of possibilities when I look at our philanthropic community.  People that desire to “Do Good” and to make a difference in the lives of others. Each of us holds a unique piece of the puzzle that fits into the story of hope.

My journey has allowed me the privilege of telling the story. The story of those most vulnerable. Taking the elements of humanity and arranging them into a motivational account to be remembered, tying donors’ hearts to the cause and the people it serves, as a unique experience, exposing them to something remarkable.

This is when Charity Matterz…

Power of Virtual Auctions

During the Covid Shut Down virtual events became a life preserver for organizations that were relying on proceeds, from scheduled events, to keep their organizations a float. What was thought to be a Band-aid, out preformed the in-person events of the past. Virtual auctions exceeded previous profits by 80% or greater. Why?

We have learned that there is a new kind of stand alone event that can hold a substantial place in fundraising and the best part about it…. You never have to see another auction basket again…No more bows and no more cellophane. Contact me…

Story Telling

Nothing is more powerful than a well told story.


In Person Events Build Special Memories

Speaker – OC Family Justice Center

Golf – Boys and Girls Club Capo Valley

Gala – A Walk through the Jungle of Life

Muzeo Museum – Dressing Downton

OC Chef’s Table – illumination foundation

Social Media – Bolsa Chica Conservancy

This is when Charity Matterz

My mom helps people make more money so they can help more people…

-Gillian Epperson, 8 years old.

This is when Charity Matterz…

My mom helps people make more money so they can help more people…

-Gillian Epperson, 8 years old.

  • Virtual Auctions
  • Complete Event Strategic Planning and Execution
  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Social ROI – Development
  • Storytelling and Social Media Development
  • Data Driven Growth Strategy
  • Board Development and Recruitment
  • The art of “Thank You”
  • Special Projects – Program Launch


I’ve attended/collaborated on a few Charitable Fund Raisers where Kristen has been involved.
She is Focused and Passionate about creating a unique experience for the guest while staying focused and promoting the importance of the cause.
Kristin pays attention to every detail; technically, artistically and financially.
Equally important to all the above attributes
Kristen is a team player.

Cathy Rigby McCoy

8 Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Tony Award Nominee, Emmy Nominee, and “Peter Pan”

I highly recommend Charity Matterz and Kristin Epperson for your next fundraising event. Kristin and her team bring a creative, knowledgeable approach to each event that results in a beautiful, impactful, fun and financially successful experience. Kristin’s keen planning skills, contact base for essential personnel, ability to script the program, and attention to the smallest details make the difference between a good and great event. She follows through from the conception of an event to the wrap up, post meeting in a timely manner. Kristin brings this expertise at a fair price. The Orange County Family Justice Center Foundation has been using Charity Matterz to plan and execute our fundraising events for over four years and plan to continue the service for our future events.

Susan Bruegman

President, Orange County Family Justice Center Foundation

Working with Kristin Epperson and Charity Matterz is always a pleasure. She is a breath of fresh air in an industry that needs fresh thinking, fresh perspective, and fresh ideas. I have worked with her on numerous high -end events, and I have never been in a situation where she left me unprepared, or asking questions. She covers it all. Her scripts are amazing, her scheduling is on point, and her communication is second to none. She truly gives her all to her clients and organizations she is working wth. I work 60-70 events a year, and I genuinely look forward to the ones that I know Kristin and her team are producing.

Nick Di Nieri

Professional Benefit Auctioner/Emcee

Charity Matterz went above and beyond which truly made our Appreciation Event special in many ways. Given that it was our 17 event our invitees have a certain expectation to meet and Kristin really blew this out of the water. The level of organization provided was exceptional with regards to invitations, food catering, communication with the venue owner and constantly keeping us updated. Last but certainly not least was the level of detail seen throughout the night. Whether it be the custom printed menus or personalized engraved take home gifts, our invitees felt as though this even was truly put on for them and felt appreciated. Thank you so much for an amazing night and we all look forward to next year’s special event.

Tim Bockhold

Bockhold Investment Group

Kristin Epperson of Charity Matterz has been a huge advocate and proponent in the introduction, execution, and management of our non-profit, Strength behind Stars. I first met Kristin when she was working with Illumination Foundation and she had the vision to partner with our charity, Just a Little Cloth to help the homeless girls feel beautiful and worthy of wearing a fancy dress while they sang on stage. That is when I discovered her heart was in the right place and she truly cared about what she was doing. Working with Kristin on this very large platform of homelessness, made me see her big heart, dedication to helping kids, and her skilled expertise, talent and hard effort she put into her mission. I knew one day we would be working together, or at least I hoped for that. She was the only person I had ever met, that worked like me, which was although at lightening speed, she knew when to execute certain initiatives, when to approach certain people and sponsors, how to tell the story in a succinct impactful way, and was so capable finding donors and huge corporate sponsors for her events. When we mutually approached each other to take my smaller vision of creating a non-profit to help with kids getting bullied, our immediate compassion for this cause, propelled us to our partnership now on Strength Behind Stars, a non profit to help create kinder schools. I would not be able to do this without the creative, business, and executionary talent that Kristin has brought to the table. More importantly, trust is an issue that I don’t take lightly and I have never worked with someone whois so upfront, and honest and when she says something, I believe it. That to me goes a lot further than just the talent and expertise she brings to any mission she takes on.

Tiffany Antoci


Kristin Epperson, Founder of Charity Matterz is one of the brightest, shining stars in Orange County when it comes to organizing, and executing charity events for OC Non-Profits. Kristin and her associates at Charity Matterz, are so passionate about the cause and effectiveness of the non-profit organizations that they partner with, and this fact becomes very apparent with the creative concepts, and storytelling concepts they come up with for their clients.  We have known Kristin for years; we have always known how intelligent she is, and what drive and passion she has for business and giving back to the community.  Kristin Epperson has taken her God given skills and formed Charity Matterz. Kristin and her team are great at quickly understanding an organization and their needs.  Charity Matterz is simply the best with creative, and new ideas for organizations to help them raise the funds critically needed to serve their cause.  Not only is Charity Matterz the most innovative and resourceful event planners of today, they have the skills to pull off the most amazing and unforgettable events.  We would recommend Charity Matterz to any non-profit or company who is looking for a way to creatively engage their staff and community to give back what many of us are so fortunate to already have.  Charity Matterz has put on two unforgettable events at our home.  We have done events with and without Charity Matterz, and the difference in the execution of important events when using Charity Matterz has been measurably positive.  They take much of the stress off of the hosts and non-profit staff; they keep the focus on what the real objective is – to raise funds.  If you want to partner with a non-profit event planner, we have no other recommendation, but CHARITY MATTERZ!


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