About Founder


Kristin Epperson
CEO/Non-Profit Strategist

Welcome to the place my heart beats with purpose.

I have lived several life times in my years on this planet. I am a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a thinker, a doer, a leader and a follower. I create with passion and have been blessed with purpose.

I created Charity Matterz to be an anchor for projects that are built on dream but struggle with the strategy it takes to bring a dream to reality.

After many years of giving my time, treasure, and talents to many different non-profits, I found a consistent need that each of them seemed to have in common, project planning.

In my career life I have been blessed with a vast pallet of complex and diverse experiences that all had one thing in common, intense project planning:

  • Scientific medical research projects
  • Hospital educator and program creator
  • Business owner -Entrepreneur
  • General contractor, Custom Home Design Builder, Land Developer
  • Marketing director
  • Event planning (Large Scale Non-profit to Corporate events)
  • Original Series Producer, Network Platform and Chef Battle Creator-
  • Chef Life Network- OC Chef Life, Battle of the Chefs

These experiences allowed me to developed the ability to extract critical precise information quickly, formate a strategy, generate an action plan, and execute with flexibility. All of this while not forgetting to guide with passion for the project while maintaining the diligence of financial responsibility.

These for profit principals only work, in the non-profit world, if the story of the Non-profit is told with every keystroke of the process.

I look forward to getting to know where your organization’s heart beats and how charity matters to you.